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Alston Lane Catholic

Primary School and Nursery

Learning and Growing as Children of God

Weekly News

Autumn 2 Week 4


There has been lots going on this week. We embraced the wet weather and the children worked as a team to build a water way in the garden. We experimented with colour mixing in the puddles and used our gross motor skills to sweep and mix. In the classroom we tested different materials to find out if they were waterproof. At home you could carry out your own experiments. Talk to your child about the textures and how they are similar and different. 


Some children explored our local environment and collected natural materials for our transient artwork next week. We will be learning about Andy Goldsworthy and creating sculptures and patterned artwork. 


Mrs Maymon found lots of pears that needed eating so of course we had to make a pear crumble and even some pear crisps! They were delicious :)


We were lucky enough to meet some unusual animals. Herbet the tortoise, Dustin the Kenyan sand boa, Tojo the temrec, Curly and Wurly the millipedes and Willow the skunk. We learnt some amazing facts. Ask your child what they can remember. 


Today we raised money for St Catherine's hospice by having a relaxed day in our pyjamas. We even enjoyed some hot chocolate. Mrs Ollerenshaw will post on Facebook next week with the amount we raised. 


Next week it is stay and play sessions from 2-3pm.

Tuesday- Zebra's

Wednesday- Elephant's

Friday- Tiger's

Autumn 2 Week 3


What a busy week we have had! We started nursery rhyme week with '1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive'. The children experimented with bubble painting and printing and then cut out their fish for our display. Tuesday we made pirate grog using fruit juices, coconut water and limes. We also walked the plank and made pirate hats. The nursery rhyme was 'The big ship sails'. The children even made their own pirate ship.

Wednesday we learned all about frogs for '5 little speckled frogs'. We made some brilliant play dough frogs and hats. On Thursday we made dog biscuits and found out about different dog breeds for 'B.I.N.G.O'. We finished the week with 'Twinkle twinkle'' and made some salt dough star decorations for the Christmas tree which we will decorate in the coming weeks. 

It was also road safety week so we practised crossing the road safely. The children knew to stop, look and listen and were very sensible. 


Pre-school children are focusing on alliteration in phonics. You could encourage your child to find items in the house that start with the same sound or play eye spy focusing on just one sound. Ask your child what their alliteration name is :)

Autumn 2 Week 2


The children have spent time this week learning about Remembrance Day. We watched the following video and spoke about what the poppy represented. We painted poppies in class and decorated biscuits to look like poppies. 

Poppies video


As always, the children had fun exploring the environment, especially the outdoors. 


Next week is Nursery Rhyme week. Remember to check out the website for games and activities to do at home. Each day the children will focus on a different nursery rhyme. 

Nursery Rhyme Week


Autumn 2 Week 1


We have had a busy first week back. The children enjoyed a walk around the school grounds. This was to support our maths focus, talking about a familiar route. At home, try encourage your child to re-tell what they have done or where they have been. Using language such as first, then, after that as well as using correct tense is important. 


In our phonics groups the focus was either volume, exploring loud and quiet sounds and mouth movements/ voice sounds.

The children practised making sounds with their bodies and instruments. We turned the volume up and down. They definitely preferred making loud sounds!

We also practised passing different voice sounds around the circle. Encouraging your child to make different sounds and mouth movements is all part of early reading. Try the following with your child:

Make your voice go down a slide – wheee! 

Make your voice bounce like a ball – boing, boing 

Sound really disappointed – oh

Hiss like a snake – ssssss

Keep everyone quiet – shshshsh 

Gently moo like a cow – mmmoooo

Look astonished – oooooo!

Be a steam train – chchchchch 

Buzz like a bumble bee – zzzzzzz

Be a clock – tick tock.


Some children have been practising their scissor skills and others have been doing large mark making, swapping hands and changing directions. This week's song was 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner!


We finished off the week by making some delicious soup which was enjoyed by everyone this afternoon. 

Autumn 1 Week 7


For our final week we invited our families to 'Stay and Play'. The children really enjoyed having their grown ups in the classroom, showing them what we have been up to. Thank you to everyone that came and for taking time to complete the questionnaire. We value your feedback and will look at how we can improve.


The children have consolidated their understanding of rhyme, story sounds and pattern work this week. They have impressed us with their knowledge and explanations!


We hope you have a lovely half term and we will see you on Tuesday 1st November when we reopen. 

Autumn 1 Week 6


We have been focusing on the construction area this week. The staff have been observing the children to see how they use the resources. They came up with some fantastic ideas such as dens, princess towers, an obstacle course and cages for animals. 


The children were developing their social and language skills as well as their fine and gross motor control. We are wanting to further develop this area by introducing various tools. If you have any children's construction tools such as hammers, drills, nuts and bolts they would be very much appreciated :)


Our main aim for this area is to develop their Personal, Social and Emotional Development by showing friendly behaviour, encouraging others to join their play, finding solutions to conflicts, follow safety rules and being proud of their creations!


We will let you know next half term how they have been getting on. 


Attached are two documents. LCC's Autumn newsletter which has useful information about communication, RSV, flu vaccinations and breast feeding. Also a leaflet on how to become a parent group leader. 

Autumn 1 Week 5


We have been busy practising our scissor skills this week. We expect pre-school children to be able to hold scissors correctly, make snips and attempt to cut along lines. 


The children enjoyed creating an autumnal piece of art work that we will display in the nursery. Some of us made 3D sculptures using the natural materials.


In our weekly dance session with Clare Bear we used scarves and ribbons to move in time to the music. We are working on our listening skills and remembering sequences of movement. 


This was our second week of the core story, Mixed by Arree Chung. The children can retell the story very well and were keen to draw a scene from the book. We also explored colour mixing and related the story to our friendships and families, celebrating how everyone is different. 


We finished off the week by baking a plum cake that will be enjoyed this afternoon at snack time.  

Autumn 1 Week 4


The children have loved our new school trim trail. They were very adventurous and we were impressed with their strength and balancing skills!

We also started our weekly football sessions with Mr Harris. The children did really well with their listening skills and following all the instructions.

Mid week we baked scones and enjoyed them sitting out in the sun. We used the left over dough in our malleable area to make some delicious recipes. 

We have been on our first autumnal walk and gathered some natural materials to make our crowns. The nursery children used some fantastic language when describing the conkers and leaves, "spikey" "smooth" "bumpy"

To end our busy week we gathered some crops from our eco garden, just before the rain came! We have been spending time talking about where food comes from and will be exploring this further next week. 

Autumn 1 Week 3


We have been busy doing lots of physical activities this week to help our gross and fine motor skills. The children enjoyed playing games with the parachute and dancing to Jackson 5 ABC using their flipper flappers. Some of our preschool children were keen to practise their writing skills!


We made an apple crumble and enjoyed this as an afternoon snack, it was delicious! The children were brilliant at waiting their turn and using different mathematical language. 


I have attached a link for any parents that need support in getting rid of the dummies and also a document that might help with toilet training. If you are worried about anything or have any questions please do come and speak to a member of the team. We are all here to help :)


Tips for ditching the dummy | Toddler | Health for Under 5s

Toilet training support

Autumn 1 Week 1&2


We have had a busy few weeks settling the children into nursery life. They have all been amazing. We are very impressed with how confident they are in the setting and how friendly they are being to one another :)


We have been learning our daily routine, practising tidying up and sitting beautifully on the carpet with hands in a basket.


Harold the giraffe came to visit us and we talked about looking after ourselves, keeping clean and brushing our teeth.


The children have started their self portraits and have been talking about themselves and their families. Please remember to send in a family photograph to display in our classroom. 



Summer 2 Week 5


We have had a great week! The children have enjoyed making their own kites and explored the windy weather. The zebra group baked scones with Mrs Maymon and we sampled them for our snack. They were delicious! Sorry for the lack of photographs, we were too busy having fun :)


We have been using different tools when being creative, chunky chalks outside and fine paint brushes when doing our mindfulness paintings.


Next week:


Tuesday- Zebra's stay and play 2:00-3:00pm

Wednesday- Pre-school graduation- 9:15-9:45am

Thursday- Elephant's stay and play 9:00-10:00am

Friday- Party- 1:30-3:00pm


Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back. It has been so lovely to be back in the classroom with the children and seeing all the progress they have made this year. 


Summer 2 - Week 4


We have loved all our grown ups joining us for sports day this week. A big thank you all our families for coming and joining in. See the video below for all the best bits!


It is my last week this week, a big thank you to all of our families for making me feel so welcome during my time at Alston Lane. Next week we will be welcoming Mrs Rushton back.


Don't forget stay and play sessions start again next week. The first session will be for the Tigers, Thursday 7th July 0.00-10.00 am. 


Have a lovely week everyone!

Miss Greenwood 

Sports Day.mp4

Still image for this video

Summer 2 - Week 3


We have had another busy week at Nursery this week. Check out the pictures below to see what we have been up to! We have been enjoying the nice weather and done lots of talking about how we keep safe when it's hot. Please don't forget to bring sun hats and water bottles every day and apply once a day sun cream before you come to Nursery. 


Next week we will be holding our sports day sessions. We are all very excited and cannot wait for our grown ups to come and watch our fantastic skills! 


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss Greenwood 

Look at our fantastic drawings!

We love exploring different area in the garden

We worked as a team to make bridges

Ice experiments

Dancing with Clare Bear

Drawing shadows

Using the safety knives to cut our vegetables to make ratatouille

Summer 2 - Week 2


Snack time and lunch time are valuable learning experiences for our little ones. Without even knowing it, they are learning to communicate with their friends, how to use their cutlery, sitting nicely at the table and what foods and textures they like or don't like.


It is important for us to encourage children to be independent at Nursery, particularly at meal times. Children are taught at snack time to get their own food, butter their toast, pour their milk and wash up their dishes when they have finished. At lunch time we teach the children to have a go at cutting their food up before asking a grown up for help. These are all important life skills that every child should learn at some stage!


We need your help too! It is important that those children who bring pack lunches bring a healthy lunch. We want to develop healthy bodies as well as healthy minds! As a school we promote healthy eating. Please see the pictures below for more information on healthy eating in school.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss Greenwood 


Look at how independent we are!