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Learning and Growing as Children of God

Weekly News

Summer 1 Week 6


A brilliant last week for our nursery children. On Wednesday we dressed up as fantasy characters and made hats, swords, wands that we could use in our play. The children were making up stories and it was great to see their imaginations come alive!


Maths sessions have focused on subitising. We have played lots of different games involving a dice and recognising the amount. The children know 'don't count, know the amount'. Have a go at some subitising over the holidays. You could show them a set amount of objects and quickly cover them up, do they know how many are there without counting? Do this up to 5 objects.


In phonics, we have been trying to remember a pattern and sequence of sounds. We used picture cards to help us but you could extend this at home by giving you child 3 different sounds and asking them to copy e.g whoosh, bang, bzzzz or ping, crash, mmmmm. Do this in the mirror and point out where their teeth and tongue are. 


We had our last session of fundamental skills. They did amazing with jumping, skipping, hop scotch and hopping.


We hope you have a lovely week off and we will be back at nursery on Monday 3rd June for the final half term :)

Summer 1 Week 5


In maths this week our pre-schoolers played matching pairs. We explored picture cards that were the same, similar and different. We started off with just 8 cards and built this up over the week. You could play this as a family at home.


Our younger children have been building with different construction sets and creating different sized towers using mathematical language to describe them. 


Phonic sessions has focused on tuning into initial sounds. Children have grouped and matched objects that begin with the same phoneme. We have used objects beginning with p, m, h and c. See if you can find some items at home starting with these sounds. When talking about the sound they can hear, refer to it as the 'phoneme'. 

Some of our other children have been building their vocabulary by describing the sounds they can hear. 


In PE we developed the skill of jumping in different directions as well as balancing. Today we extended this and practised hop scotch. The children loved this so why not draw one on the path at home and let them have a go?


We made biscuits on Wednesday which were enjoyed in the afternoon as a treat. 


Thank you to the parents and carers that came to stay and play. 


Next week is out 'fantasy dress up day' on Wednesday. The children can be mermaids, unicorns, knights, dragons, kings or queens. Please do not buy a costume. They do not have to take part if they don't want.

Summer 1 Week 4


Our PE focus this week was to move in different ways and be able to stop quickly. The children did well with this. We found skipping tricky so we will be practising this a bit more. 


We have been focusing on rhyming again during our phonics sessions. The children have been able to identify rhyming words, match rhyming pairs and continue a rhyming string. We have taught the children a strategy that focuses on onset and rime. E.g c-at/ b-at. This is different to oral segmenting so it is quite difficult to understand but the children gave it a good go!


In Maths we have practised our number formation. You could do this with chalks, water or paint if they find pencil control hard.

These are the rhymes we use:

0- make a loop and that is all

1- go straight down and that is all

2- swing it round and then go right

3- swing it round and then once more

4- down slide, cut in half

5- down, round, put on a hat 


Remember stay and play sessions next week, you are welcome to any:


Wednesday- Zebra's- 2-3pm

Thursday- Elephant's- 2-3pm

Friday- Tiger's- 9-10am


The new healthy eating policy has been added to the school website. The section below highlights the changes to Nursery.


It is the responsibility of the parents / carers to provide an appropriate packed lunch container where food items can be stored securely and appropriately until the lunchtime period. 

Parents and carers should buy containers and packaging that encourage independence and are easy for children to open and reseal.

Nursery will provide a storage area for lunch bags, in the most convenient and appropriate place possible. However the nursery cannot provide cooled storage areas and therefore cannot take legal responsibility for foods prepared at home and then brought into school.

Nursery will not warm up any food that is brought in from home, as this may cause hot spots in the food item which may cause injury.

Additional drinks are not to be included in a packed lunch. Children will use their water bottles, which readily available throughout the day. 

Parents should provide a suitable amount of food for their child, without over-facing them. Please see page 3 of the policy for guidance on what to include in a healthy packed lunch.

Children will be allowed to eat their lunch in any order. The reasoning behind this is to encourage healthier eating habits for our children. The savoury foods should not be seen as something the children have to endure so that they can be rewarded with a ‘sweet treat’. 

Nursery staff will speak to parents and carers if they are concerned about their child’s packed lunch. Certain foods have an increased chance of becoming choking hazards. Grapes, cocktail sausages, small tomatoes and other similar items must be cut up, if they are to be included in lunchboxes.


Summer 1 Week 3


A space themed week for us as it is National Space Day today. The children have been making aliens, rockets and space stations. We have been moving like an astronauts and aliens to space music and have enjoyed playing with the small world space set. The children were using some fantastic vocabulary!


For May Day we explored fruits and vegetables. Mrs Maymon shared the importance of giving and receiving flowers and vegetables. This long time tradition is about enjoying the first signs of Spring.


Pre-school children went to the 'fairy woods' on Wednesday. We found the hidden fairies and made them a home using the natural materials around us. This was of course followed by a play at the park!


In PE we have been practising the skill of jumping with two feet together and being able to jump over an obstacle and jump in different directions. This is something to practise at home as we found it a bit tricky.


We have made pizza's, potions and just enjoyed being outdoors in the sun.


Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Summer 1 Week 2


A very busy second week! The eggs arrived on Monday and nearly all of them have hatched. The children have loved watching them in the incubator and then in the brooder box. Some children were feeling brave and even held them.


We had a Petting Zoo visit us on Tuesday as part of 'Earth Day'. The children got to stroke the animals including a bearded dragon, a millipede and a snake!


In RE, we have been learning about the Holy Spirit. We studied a flame and spoke about how the flame of the Holy Spirit was special as it didn't burn. Some children created their fire pictures using paint and a fork. 


We did our dance session in class this week. The children had great fun and we were very impressed with some of their stretches and holds!


As part of our Core Story, Oliver's Vegetables, we made chips. The children washed and chopped the potatoes and enjoyed them as an afternoon snack.


Please remember to send in a change of clothes for Pre-school children on a Friday morning for PE.


Younger children in nappies must have plenty spare nappies and wipes in their bags. Nursery cannot provide these.


Have a brilliant weekend.

Summer 1 Week 1


Despite the weather we have spent quite a bit of time outside this week. The children have enjoyed planting in the eco garden and we carried out the large wooden bricks onto the yard. They made obstacle courses and even a boat!


In Maths, the children have built upon their knowledge of patterns and were able to make a repeated pattern with sounds, colours and different objects. Even our youngest children have been able to point out patterns on materials such as stripes, polka dots and spirals. 


Phonics groups have focused on alliteration, initial sounds and oral blending. I Spy games can be adapted to help support all these aspects. Some children had to find the odd one out (having a group of objects starting with the same sound, except one) and others were asked to spy a 'c-a-t' or a 'b-a-g'. Try these games at home. Oral blending is really important skill in early reading, try and build this into your daily routine e.g 'Time for b-e-d', 'Find your c-oa-t'.


In RE, the pre-school children began to wonder what heaven looked like and thought about where heaven is. Some of the children drew a picture using chalks. 


This afternoon the children made dandelion and honey biscuits! They were a real hit!


Pre-school PE is now going to be on a Thursday afternoon (the children will not get changed as we have a late hall slot). We will then do a session on a Friday morning where the children can practise getting changed. Sorry for the confusion!

Spring 2 Week 6


Apologies for the late upload. We had a fun last week and our pre-schoolers thoroughly enjoyed their trip on the bus! 

We are looking forward to another busy half term :)

Spring 2 Week 5


Not many photo's from this week but we have been very busy.


At the start of the week we celebrated St Patrick's day by making an Irish stew. In RE, the children learnt about the crucifixtion and some of them chose to collage a cross. It was tricky for the children to understand that Jesus was ready to die but they asked some fantastic questions.


Our maths focus has been counting. We have been showing the children numerals and amounts on our fingers and asking them to count out the correct amount of objects from a group. You can practise number recognition and counting skills at home using any house hold items. 


Some groups have continued with rhyming games and are doing really well. At this age, children need to be able to find a rhyming pair and carry on a rhyming string. Ask them to go round the house and find something that rhymes with.... cat/ frog/ box/ car.


Clare Bear did her session in class on Wednesday as the hall was being used. The children had great fun with the parachute. Their listening skills are improving and they are able to remember sequences of movements.


We have been learning about whales this week, linking to our core story The Storm Whale. Ask your child to tell you a fact about whales.


Thank you to everyone that came to the stay and play sessions, we really appreciate you taking time out. 

Spring 2 Week 4


A week full of experiments! This week was Science week. We learnt some facts about space and the pre-schoolers found out about Katherine Johnson, an inspirational black woman who worked for Nasa!

We made rocket pictures with 2D shapes and built them using 3D shapes. 

Have a look for 2D and 3D shapes around your house. Ask your child to group them and talk about them. Can they tell you how many sides or edges it has?


We did PE on Wednesday as Clare Bear wasn't here. The children practised jumping from a height, landing with two feet and not putting their hands down. They improved throughout the lesson :)


In RE and collective worship, our focus was Palm Sunday. The children learnt about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. We have been singing 'Sing Hosana' for our weekly hymn. Talk to your child about this story and see if they can remember key features such as the crowd shouting 'hosana', waving palm leaves and Jesus going to the temple. 


Thank you to all the parents/ carers that attended parents evening and for everyone's continued support. 


Remember our stay and play sessions next week:


Tuesday- Zebra's- 2-3pm

Thursday- Elephant's- 2-3pm

Friday- Tiger's- 9-10am


A wonderful week spent outdoors! We have thoroughly enjoyed being outside and staying dry for a change.


We have made a vegetable and carrot soup this week as well as carrot chips. They were all delicious. The children's culinary skills are really coming on. They know where most foods come from and how they are farmed. They are able to talk about the importance of hygiene when cooking and know our safety rules when using the equipment. 


Some of the Year 6 children delivered collective worship this week. We listened to the story of The Good Samaritan. We explored this further in RE and have planted cress seeds. The children have learnt that Lent is a time to grow in love for others. We are going to compare how quickly the cress seeds grow to the flower we planted during advent. 


Pre-schoolers have been learning about animals and their habitats. When you are out this weekend, talk to your child about the environment and what animals you might find there. 


Some children have been developing the skill of rhyming and have been able to carry on a rhyming string. You could find a book that contains rhyming words. Explore them together and think of others that aren't in the story. 


For maths we have been focusing on matching numerals to the correct amount. This can be done in many different ways. Firstly, check which numerals your child recognises. Then you can ask them to count out the right amount of objects such as stones, fruit, cutlery etc. Encourage your child to show you the amount on their fingers.


World Book Day was a huge success. The children looked amazing and we enjoyed time in the school reading cafe as well as reading throughout the day in class. 

Spring 2 Week 2


This week our maths focus has been length and height. The children have learnt 'height is how tall something is' and 'length is how long something is'. They have been using their mathematical vocabulary to describe the towers and snakes they made. We lined up in height order to see who was the shortest and who was the tallest!


Our physical activity this week focused on listening and drawing to the music. We listened to music from around the world, including Africa, Spain and Russia. If the music was fast, the children had to express this through their drawing. 

Our younger children have been practising their threading skills. This is an easy activity you can do at home. E.g. cereal hoops onto spaghetti. 


We have started to explore some Jackson Pollock art work. Instead of using a paintbrush we used ropes and rolled balls around in the paint to create a 'messy' effect. Outside, the children enjoyed flicking paint at the paper to create a group piece of art work. 


Remember we are dressing up on Thursday 7th March as our favourite book characters :)

Spring 2 Week1


Our RE lesson focused on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Of course this meant we had to make pancakes! During collective worship the children reflected on praying more over Lent. We also thought about what else our hands are for. The children drew around their hands and then cut them out.


In maths we have been building sky scrapers with different construction kits. We linked this to our core story 'Town Mouse, Country Mouse'. The children were encouraged to work with a partner and use their problem solving skills.


Our phonics sessions have focused on 'enunciating sounds correctly' and 'being able to remember and create a sequence of sounds'. Both of these activities could be done at home. Use a mirror when making the different sounds so children can see the position of their tongue and teeth. Sit down as a family and pass around a sequence of sounds e.g clap, tap, clap. Introduce different sounds and use 3 or 4 to increase the difficulty!


Pre-school children did fantastic in their first PE lesson today. Most of them surprised us and were able to get changed independently! We practised the skill of jumping on the spot, jumping forwards and backwards and jumping across the room. There was lots of 'galloping' so we will be revisiting this again :) 


Thank you to the parents that have supported our 'healthier option' lunch box ideas. The children have thoroughly enjoyed them!

Spring 1 Week 5


A busy last week in nursery. We have celebrated Chinese New Year with cooking, roleplay and writing Chinese numbers. Pre-schoolers even learnt to count to 10 in Chinese!

It was mental health awareness week so we spent time talking about what makes us happy. We have focused on emotions and linked this to our RE story of Jesus blessing the children. The children were able to tell us what makes them excited, angry or upset. 


In maths some children have started writing their numerals, working on number formation. Younger children have been developing their language of 'more', 'less' and 'fewer' when building with a range of materials

Phonics has focused on developing patterns of sounds using body percussion. Children must be able to remember a pattern of 3 or 4 sounds. You could try this at home e.g tap your head, clap you hands, tap your knees and stamp your feet. Our younger children were tuning into hidden sounds and trying to identify and remember the order they were played. e.g, a rustling crisp packet, a door bell ringing and keys jingling. 


Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to the stay and play sessions, we really appreciate your support.


Next half term we are introducing a new lunch time policy. This will be emailed out to parents. We are hoping to work with our parents and carers to develop new healthier eating habits with our children. I have attached some packed lunch ideas and some useful websites that give great advise!


It may just be one small change to begin with but it is a step in the right direction. If anyone would like some help or ideas around fussy eaters, eating habits etc then please do come and speak to us


.Kids Eat in Color - Kids Eat in Color (follow on Instagram as well- fab ideas for fussy eaters!)

Lunch box ideas from the NHS


We hope you have a wonderful half term and we will see you on Monday 19th February.

Spring 1 Week 4


In RE this week we listened to the story of Jesus welcoming the children. We spoke about being kind and loving to everyone. The children then decorated their love hearts and spoke about people they loved. 


Our dance session focused on listening skills, playing lots of stop and go games. This is something you can practise at home, the children loved it! Run, stop, star jump, run etc. It really helped the children focus and tune in.


We have continued to develop our awareness of shape but this week we used shapes to make patterns. We revisit pattern work every term. We extended patterns by doing colour and shape e.g. red square, blue triangle etc. This is something you can also do at home. 


The children had great fun doing the 'push and pull' activities this week. This was linked to our topic of 'Up, down, all around'. We found items that we could push and ones that we could pull. We also had a game of tug of war!

Spring 1 Week 2&3


Apologies for the lack of photo's, our iPad was broken! We were still busy having fun!


The second week back brought snow and ice. The children loved running on the field and listening to the grass crunching under their feet. We did some mark making in the ice and we even brought the snow indoors to make an Arctic world for the animals.


We carried out some balloon experiments, linking to our core story the blue balloon. Also in the story, the balloon turns from blue to a multicoloured rainbow balloon. We decided to make some rainbow toast. The children used food colouring to decorate their bread before toasting it!


We also enjoyed some free painting this week and got rather messy!


Last week we continued with the painting theme but on a larger scale, developing our gross motor movements. 


We celebrated World Religion Day and carried out various activities over the week. We made sweet potato latkes and chapati's. We also tried boiled eggs, honey on bread and dates. They each had a symbolic representation. It was fantastic to see the children trying new foods and flavours. There were lots of questions and we explored our own Catholic religion and how it differs to others.

One of the stories we listened to was about the 5 pillars of Islam. Some of the children built their own pillars in the construction area after the story. 

The children have settled back into their nursery routine really well. Even our new starters have been amazing!


We have played out lots this week, the cold weather didn't stop us! Please do send named hats, scarves and gloves. 


We have been looking at different types of vehicles and how they move. The younger children have been naming them and looking at the size. In maths pre-school children have been learning about positional language. They did really well understanding and using the words 'on top', 'underneath' 'behind' etc. 


Please send your child in a nappy rather than a pull up if they are not toilet training. Pull ups are to support children when learning to use the toilet so they can practise pulling them up and down. Do let us know if you need any support with toilet training.

Autumn 2 Week 7 & 8


We have had a great end to the half term. The pre-schoolers did a fantastic job performing their nativity last week. On the Friday, the children enjoyed a relaxing day in their pyjamas. They baked biscuits and had hot chocolate and marshmallows whilst watching The Snowman. 


This week we had our Christmas dinner and party. We had plenty of fun with dancing and games. The children were so well behaved. It was lovely to have Reception class joining us :)


Thank you for all the well wishes, cards and presents. We hope you enjoy the Christmas break with your families and we will see you on Monday 8th January.

Autumn 2 Week 6


Only a few photo's again as we have been busy practising the Nativity :)


In RE, the children have been learning about the Christmas story and then using the characters to re-tell it. We want the children to know the key figures in the story. 


Christmas activities have been in full swing. We've had card making, decorating tress with pom poms and making wreaths using playdough.


The children also made a tasty vegetable soup on Wednesday that was enjoyed in the afternoon session for snack.


Our maths focus has been grouping and sorting. The youngest children have been grouping items by colour. Others have been grouping by size and categories. We also explored healthy and unhealthy foods and put them into the right groups. Pre-schoolers grouped animals into their habitats e.g woodland, jungle, ocean. Sorting is an easy activity you can do at home. Ask your child to sort cutlery or group their toys by size. 


Thank you to the parents that came to the stay and play sessions this week. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day.



Wednesday- Pre-school nativity at 2:30pm

Friday- Pyjama Day- children can bring slippers and dressing gowns too. Pease make sure everything is named.

Autumn 2 Week 5


Not many photo's from this week, we were too busy having fun!


We went out on a wintery walk and explored the ice. The children enjoyed crunching the leaves and stepping on the frozen puddles.


During their dance session the children moved like reindeers, practised their throwing and catching and even had a play with the parachute!


Our RE focus was advent so we made our own picture advent calendar. Each morning the children will take down a picture and talk about the word that is written on the back. 


We have continued our work on patterns, using natural materials. The children tried to create transient art that had a pattern and did very well.


Some of us in phonics have been trying to remember sounds in a sequence. We explored different sounds and then put 3 sounds together, repeating them back to each other. This is harder than it sounds so do have a practise at home :)


Remember stay and play sessions this week, all 2-3pm:

Tuesday- Zebra's

Wednesday- Tiger's

Thursday- Elephants


Friday is the last day for hamper items, thank you!

Autumn 2 Week 4


This week our pre-school children have listened to the story of Jonah and the Whale. We acted it out and coloured in our own whales. We spoke about listening to God and linked this to our own lives and how they need to listen to their grown ups and follow the rules. 

In RE we explored the theme of 'waiting' and recognised that people waited a long time for the birth of Jesus. The children have planted a Hippeastrum which we are going to check each week. We will learn that we have to wait and be patient. 


The children are thoroughly enjoying our hymns this half term. You could listen to them at home and ask your child to sing them for you.

Bing Videos- I might be small but my God is Big

Bing Videos- Thank you Lord for this fine day

Bing Videos- He's got the whole world in his hands


We had an abundance of carrots in school so the children prepared an afternoon snack, honey roasted carrots!  We also had lots of bananas left over today so we made some delicious banana bread.


Andy Goldsworthy is our focus artist this half term. The children have been busy collecting natural materials and have started to create their own pieces of art work. We will be building upon this next week.


Thank you to all the parents and carers that have offered to donate something for our Christmas hamper. Raffle tickets will be on sale on Monday, £1 a strip. Please bring all items to nursery by Friday 8th.


If you would like your child to have an individual photo or with their sibling and they are NOT in Nursery on Monday, you can still bring them to the school hall at 9am so that they can have their photograph taken. 

Autumn 2 Week 3


The children thoroughly enjoyed nursery rhyme week. They have been busy building clocks and boats linking to Hickory Dickory Dock and Row Row your Boat. Pre-school children explored different clock faces and the numbers.

We thought about what wells are used for and how people carry water in different countries linking to Jack and Jill. We also did lots of maths work around 'Wheels on the Bus'- counting people on and off.


It was also Road Safety week so we took the children out to practise crossing the road. Lots of them knew to look both ways, listen for traffic and never run. They were very sensible. 


In collective worship we listened to the story of The Good Samaritan. The children were respectful and showed a good understanding oh why we should help others.

We have enjoyed the wet weather with lots of outdoor play and we have also been exploring our new 'light box'. 


Next week we will be creating 'transient art'. We would appreciate it if you could collect any stones/ sticks and other natural loose parts to help us create a master piece.

Leaflets with additional information

Autumn 2 Week 2


We have spent more time investigating the seasons. Lots of puddle jumping, autumnal decorations and seasonal sorting games. The children enjoyed looking at and grouping their seasonal pictures from home.


In collective worship we reflected on the scripture 'Love your God and neighbour as yourself'. We linked this to showing love and kindness to our friends. Our RE lessons focused on Gifts from God. The children cut out and drew pictures of homes, medicine, family and friends. 


There has been potion and perfume making in the water tray and the children prepared a tasty soup which was enjoyed as an afternoon snack. We are trying to encourage the children to taste new foods. This week we tried coconut and pomelo. It is important for children to try new flavours and textures and revisit ones they may not have previously liked. Why not let your child choose something new from the super market to try?


We always encourage the children to be independent in all areas of learning e.g. putting on their coats, opening their packed lunches, and preparing their own snacks. Please do allow time for your child to be independent at home. It's easy to step in and help when you're in a rush but we need our little people to become independent resilient learners. 



  • Please label all items with their name so your child can recognise their belongings.
  • Remember to cut down on portion sizes. Lots of the packed lunches still have too much choice. 
  • Check your child's folder for art work.
  • Take home a book or puzzle from the library loan box which is on the bench at drop off and collection.


I have attached some advice around 'screen time' and dummies. Your child's key person may speak to you about this. If you feel you need support with either of these then do ask :) We are here to help.


Autumn 2 Week1


A wet and windy first week back but it didn't stop us exploring our environment. The children have enjoyed the Autumn walks. We looked for signs of Autumn and spoke about the changes. We collected natural materials which we studied when we got back. We will also be using them in our 'transient art' next week.


In maths all children have been exploring size. The younger children have been using the language of 'big', 'medium' and 'small'. The pre-schoolers have been finding objects of different sizes and then ordering them. Ask your child at home to find various items of different sizes or you could give them a group of objects and they have to split them into 3 groups of small, medium and big. 


Pre-schoolers have been developing their alliteration skills as well as enunciating their initial phonemes clearly. You could do lots of mirror work at home, looking at their mouths as they produce the different sounds. Another group of children added actions to new songs. They enjoyed the 'chocolate' song and Ram-Sam-Sam. Bing Videos 

A Ram Sam Sam Dance - Children's Song - Kids Songs by The Learning Station - YouTube


Clare Bear returned this week and the children were so excited to see her. They listened carefully and were able to follow sequences of movement. Each week the children build upon their routines.


We also made some oat biscuits which were enjoyed by all!

Autumn 1 Week 7


A great finish to the first half term. Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to the stay and play sessions this week. We really appreciate you taking time out of your day.


The children have been busy with pumpkins this week. Hammering in golf tee's, scooping our the mixture and making pumpkin potions. All of which help their fine motor skills! Some children baked Halloween buns. They focused on the different amounts that were needed, looking carefully at the numbers of the weighing scales. They were using language of 'more', 'less' and 'fewer'. 


We have made each child a 'mini me' so they can use them in the environment to help develop their imagination and retell experiences. The children have enjoyed finding their friends and using them in the dolls house to tell a story. 


The multi skills group focused on hitting a ball. They practised their stance and swing and did a great job!


This week in phonics some children started to work on alliteration, grouping objects that start with the same sound. Others worked on body percussion and changing the speed of different nursery rhymes, singing slow and fast. You could practise this at home over the holidays :)


We start back on Tuesday 31st October. Enjoy your break!


Autumn 1 Week 6


The children have been going to church in small groups this week. We have been talking about how important the Bible is and how it is made up of lot's of different stories. In collective worship we listened to the story of Noah and will be exploring this further next week. We spoke about acts of kindness.


We have baked biscuits, made chocolate apples, decorated autumn crowns with leaves we collected and made some witches potions! The children also enjoyed their weekly multi-skills sessions. We were practising throwing and catching different balls. 

'Bucket time' was enjoyed by all this week. This is usually done in small groups but all the children wanted to be involved. The aim of the activity is to develop the children's attention. They have to sit, listen and wait in anticipation. They did really well. 


In maths the pre-school children found 2D shapes in different environments. We want the children to be confident to talk about the different properties. Some children in phonics were practising moving in time to the beat. Have a listen to this song at home and see if your child can do it. Some of the younger children joined us and had a good go!

Bing Videos


Some pre-school children have been reading 'Mixed' and the rest of the group will read it next week. Have a listen at home and see if your child can recall the story. 

Radzi Chinyanganya - Mixed - CBeebies - BBC


Remember our stay and play sessions next week:

Tuesday Zebra's 2-3pm

Wednesday Tiger's 9-10am

Thursday Elephants 2-3pm


You can attend any of the sessions if you can't make your child's slot. 


Autumn 1 Week 5


We've had a fantastic week in nursery. The children enjoyed planting winter pansies and chrysanthemums, baking bunny bread and making some new sensory bottles for our quiet area. We loved doing some large scale painting outside and even had fun washing it off! Ready for painting again next week.   


In Maths this week we have been exploring 2D shapes and using them to make pictures. We have been on a shape hunt and found lot's of 2D shapes in our classroom. You could try this at home. Find objects and them group them into circles/ squares/ triangles/ rectangles. 


Some children have started working on rhyming in their phonics session. We read a familiar story 'Oi Frog' and then an unfamiliar story 'See you later Alligator'. We want the children to hear the rhymes and spot them when an adult is reading. Another phonics group were using different objects to make sounds. This is something you could also do at home e.g tapping a spoon on different surfaces, introducing new vocabulary to describe the sound.


Our focus during Key Person time was 'our school family'. We have made pictures of our school family, looked on the school website at our friends and went for a walk around school to see who else helps us. During collective worship we discussed 'actions speak louder than words'. We encouraged the children to give a smile or a hug to a friend rather than just saying "you're my best friend". The children were very respectful during their first worship. 


Autumn 1 Week 4


A busy week for us in nursery! The children have been making their 'worry dolls', linking to our core story 'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne. They cut various materials to make their clothes and came up with some great designs!


We have noticed that lots of our children need practise with threading so one of our activities outside was to thread cheerios onto a stick or spaghetti. You could try this at home and even set a timer to make it a challenge. 

We have had all sorts of weather this week and the children thoroughly enjoyed it when it was particularly windy. We used our windy wands to see which way the wind was blowing.


On Tuesday and Friday some of the children took park in multi skills. This involved lots of running, balancing, kicking and jumping! The sessions also help the children to develop their listening skills and be able to follow sets of instructions. 


We had the pleasure of meeting two younger siblings at our 'baby morning'. We found out what babies need at different stages and the children were very attentive :) They have enjoyed watching the following video to see how a baby develops over their first year. Watch it at home and see what your child remembers.

(1) Teddy Ages 0 - 1 - YouTube


The children have also made pizza this week, they were delicious! Thank you to the parents that have contributed the £7 donation. We ask that all parents kindly do this for the term. 

We have also been to church this week to practise our hymns, the children know them off by heart and really enjoy dancing to them. On our way back we collected more conkers!



Autumn 1 Week 3


This week the children have split into their phonics and maths groups. In phonics we have been tuning into indoor and outdoor sounds, grouping different sounds and adding actions to songs! Next week we will be learning the dance for Agadoo!


Pre-school children have been finding out about patterns and how they can continue a repeated pattern. We have done this with natural materials from our garden but you could use anything at home e.g fork, spoon, fork, spoon. You could extend by introducing a third item or doing colours as well.


We have been encouraging the children to use their imagination in the workshop area this week by developing their creative skills of cutting, sticking and drawing. They made trains, rockets, buildings and crowns. Some children found it tricky to think of something to make and needed a little support. This could be an activity to do at home on a wet weekend and send in your pictures to


There has obviously been a lot of water play due to all the rain we have had. They have loved jumping, splashing and making a muddy mess in our garden. Please can we ask that children wear appropriate coats and shoes for the weather .


Yesterday we went on an Autumn walk and collected lots of 'treasure', baskets of conkers, sticks, leaves and stones. We left them on our investigation table for the children to explore.


This morning some of the children made a cornflake tart and will be enjoying it this afternoon :)

We have had a brilliant second week. The children have continued to amaze us! We have seen lots of sharing and taking turns between friends. They are getting to know one another and small friendship groups are forming. 


The children helped to prepare an apple crumble and a pasta sauce. The apples and vegetables were harvested from our eco garden. They practised their cutting skills, pouring and weighing of ingredients. We had the apple crumble for an afternoon snack and the After School Club children thoroughly enjoyed the pasta sauce! 


There has been lots of painting, hammering and cutting to help develop their fine motor control. We had large scale painting in the garden to help develop our muscles and movement.


We were visited by Harold the giraffe on Tuesday and Wednesday. He taught us the importance of looking after ourselves such as brushing our teeth, washing our bodies and getting lots of sleep. He told the children about eating healthy food and we are going to explore this more over the next few weeks. 


I have put on a link for lunch box ideas as a few parents mentioned their children always eating the same thing. Why not try out something new next week?


Please remember to chop cocktail sausages, grapes, olives etc length ways :)


Lunchbox ideas and recipes – Healthier Families - NHS (

Autumn 1 Week 1


A warm welcome to our new families. On the website you will find a weekly over view and some pictures of what we have been up to.


All the children have amazed us this week. There's been a few tears in the morning but they have soon settled and got busy. We have enjoyed exploring the new areas of the classroom and had lots of fun outside in the sun!


Our current children have been such good role models, helping our new starters to settle in. We have seen good turn taking, beautiful manners and fantastic listening. This week we have just emphasised our class rules and how we can do good listening during carpet time.

Our 5 rules are:

  1. Eyes are looking
  2. Ears are listening
  3. Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket
  4. Hands in a basket
  5. Bodies are still


We have been learning some new hymns which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. Here are the links if you want to listen at home. 


Peace Like A River - Bing video

Praise Ye The Lord Hallelujah (NEW VERSION) - Bing video

"This Little Light Of Mine" - Bing video

Summer 2 Week 6


This week we had our second sports day. The children listened well and gave all the activities a good go! Thank you to everyone that came to support us. 


We have been learning about the circus and the different acts that perform. We have been trying out different circus skills. We want the children to be confident to try new activities and show them to their friends and the adults. We have done juggling, tight rope walking, hula hopping and even attempted the ring of fire!


Some children went out in the eco garden and harvested the potatoes with Mrs Maymon. They then washed them in preparation for cooking. The children always show care and consideration for our environment and have a good understanding about growing and life cycles. 


The farm trip was also a success as you will see from the pictures below :)

Summer 2 Week 5


The pre-schoolers have spent some time learning about Kandinsky and exploring his different styles of art work. We continued to experiment with circles and other 2d shapes to create different effects. 


The children have enjoyed large scale painting outside using brushes, rollers and pipettes. There was some lovely turn taking happening and fantastic vocabulary being used!


Following on from 'people who help us' we have been discussing about healthy lifestyles. The children knew the importance of brushing their teeth and eating healthy. We learned about different food groups and what they do for our bodies. The children know that exercise is important and can tell us that the heart beats blood around our bodies. 


We have finished the core story 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds. The pre-schoolers are going to perform the song 'Make a mark' at their leavers celebration on the 19th July. Here is the link if you want to practise at home. 

The Dot Song Motions Guide - Emily Arrow & Peter H. Reynolds - YouTube


Thank you to everyone that came this morning for Sports Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I think we all had fun. On Tuesday afternoon it will just be repeated. 

Summer 2 Week 3&4


Apologies for the delay in updating the weekly news. We have had a very busy 2 weeks, well a busy half term!


The children began exploring Kandinsky artwork last week and loved it so much we have continued it this week. The children have been using circles and different media to create their work. We have done lots of large scale drawings and some collaborative artwork. The children's work will be on display in the classroom. 


Even though we enjoyed the sunshine we were glad when it cooled down a bit last week and could get back out on the bikes and the trim trail. 


Reminder: Friday 7th at 9:15am is sports day for all children that are in. Tuesday 11th at 2pm is sports day for all children that are in. If your child doesn't attend either day just bring them to any session. It was planned this way so that it gave parents more flexibility with timings.


Pre-school trip is next Wednesday. Do not be late! The coach will be leaving at 9:15am. 

Summer 2 Week 2


This week the children revisited colour mixing. We used different media such as paint, shaving foam and coloured water. We carried out different experiments and got very messy whilst doing so!


The pre-school children practised their hopping skills in PE. We hopped on both feet, stationery and then hopped around the space. They found it tricky to hop across the spots. We also learned how to do hop-scotch. Do keep practising these fundamental skills ready for Reception class.


We have also baked a carrot cake and some banana bread, both were equally delicious :)


The children explored 'emotions' during key person time. We have acted out emotions and tried to guess how others were feeling. We also had a go at drawing faces with different emotions. 


Luckily our nursery garden is shaded so we have been able to spend a lot of time outside, even in this warm weather. Please remember to apply sun cream before they come and we will top up at lunch time. Sunhats are a must as well.


It is 'Box Day' on Wednesday so do bring in any unwanted boxes from your recycling, small or big!


Thank you :)

Summer 2 Week 1


We have had a fantastic week. Monday was Environment Day so the children spent time in the eco garden. We spoke about how to look after our environment and then went on a nature hunt. We identified different types of flowers, leaves and vegetables that were all growing. Mrs Maymon has been working hard with the children to look after the garden. 


The younger children explored weight in Maths and have been able to identify heavy and light objects. They have used good mathematical vocabulary and even continued their learning outside comparing stones and pinecones. Pre-school children have worked on their number formation. Attached are the rhymes we use. Some children did large scale numbers outside and others worked on white boards. 


In PE we revisited jumping. The skill of jumping and landing off a level but also the technique of bending their knees and using their arms to support them jumping backwards and forwards, keeping both feet together! 


We have made our own 'Gerald Giraffe' linking to our core story, 'Giraffe's Can't Dance'. The children explored printing and have found out some interesting facts about giraffes that we will put on display next week.


There has been lots of outdoor play, including painting and washing shells, obstacle courses and creating their own builders yard! What started as a small puddle became a morning of play and imagination :) 

Number Formation Rhymes

Summer 1 Week 6


The children made African masks and learned some traditional tribal dancing. We also practised our Swahili. See if your child can remember how to say hello and goodbye. 


In PE we practised various rolls including egg roll, pencil roll and a forward roll. We found this a bit tricky and will be revisiting it next half term. Do have a practise at home :)


The sun has been shining again so we made the most of this by spending lots of time in our garden. Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to the stay and play sessions. The children thoroughly enjoyed you being here.


We hope you have a fantastic week off and we will see you on Monday 5th June. 

Summer 1 Week 5


This week we have been learning about Africa. We found out there are 50 different countries and over 200 languages spoken in Africa! We found out all about African animals, made some traditional African artwork and listened to some tribal music. We have practised our drumming, trying to keep in time to the beat.


The children enjoyed making monkey bread and pitta pizza's. They are very good at following the recipe and waiting for their turn. We found out most of them don't like raisins though! 


In PE the children practised the skill of throwing under arm and did really well. They did this on their own, with a partner and then aiming into a hoop. You could try this at home. 


The pre-school children have been developing their subitising skills again. Follow the link for some ideas at home. Subitising - Early years Maths - BBC Bitesize. The younger children were grouping animals according their patterns e.g stripes/ spots etc. We looked at different materials and tried to find patterns within our environment. 


We have spent most of our time in the garden again enjoying the weather. 


Remember you can come to any stay and play session next week:

Tuesday Zebra's 2-3pm

Wednesday Tiger's 9-10am

Thursday Elephant's 2-3pm

Summer 1 Week 4


This week in PE the children practised their balancing skills. We balanced a beanbag on different parts of our bodies and tried to walk and run at the same time. We had lots of fun but some of them were holding onto their beanbag and cheating! 


We have enjoyed being our garden this week. We made bird feeders and nettle crisps! The nettle crisps were enjoyed by a few children and even some parents. They were washed and cooked in the oven with oil and a little salt. 

Also outside the children have been tinkering with the 'busy board' using real tools. By using screw drivers and drills the children are developing their fine motor skills.


We had to have our dance class inside nursery this week so Clare Bear got out her parachute again which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


It was our second week of the core story 'Snail and the Whale' but this week we focused on whales. We made a huge collage whale together that is now hanging in our classroom. We listened to whale music and learned some interesting facts. Did you know a whales heart is as big as a car? Ask your child if they can remember any of the facts.

We also had a dance to this song.

Preschool Learn to Dance: Big, Blue Whale - Bing video


Summer 1 Week 3


A very busy week in nursery. In PE the pre-school children practised jumping in and out of hoops. They had to move in different directions. Jumping backwards and sideways proved to be a bit tricky!


We have been learning about snails as our core story is 'Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. We found some in our garden and spent time studying them. The children drew snails using pastels and paint. We even made them out of playdough. 


The children have really enjoyed being outside this week. They have spent a lot of time in the nature kitchen making up recipes. There was some fantastic communication and language. We have been performing nursery rhymes and well known songs on our stage area. It is lovely to see how confident the children are in front of their friends. 


Phonic sessions have focused on alliteration for our older children and matching musical instruments for our younger children. Ask your child at home to find different objects starting with the same initial phoneme. All children have focused on size in maths. We have been grouping and ordering animals and objects depending on their size. We explored other words we could use instead of 'big' and 'little'. 


We finished the week by celebrating the King's Coronation. The children made crowns, bunting and flags. We baked buns and decorated them in the afternoon. We even had a party lunch in the nursery garden. 


Thank you to the parents that have brought boxes in. Please do keep sending them in, any size is fine! Box Day will be next half term. 

Summer 1 Week 2


We have all practised making patterns this week. From simple 2 colour patterns, to shape patterns and shape and colour patterns together! Some children were even able to make a 3 colour pattern. You can make patterns at home with house hold items e.g fork, spoon, fork, spoon


In their dance session, the children practised throwing and catching skills using scarves. This is a good technique to use if your child finds it difficult to catch a ball. At home you could use balloons or scarves to practise. 


We have planted our sunflower seeds. The children remembered a lot from last half term about what seeds need to grow. We spent time looking at the life cycle of the sunflower. Some children then wanted to paint sun flowers. The children have also helped to prepare an area in our garden for planting some herbs and flowers. 


In our key person groups we have been learning a poem and a song about planting seeds. We have also learnt these 2 songs.

The Seed Song from Spring Assembly Songs with Words on Screen™ - YouTube

Preschool Learn to Dance: Can You Plant a Bean - YouTube


In PE the children practised jumping correctly, bending their knees to jump and also when landing. We then worked in teams to move around like caterpillars. This was very tricky!


We have finished the week off by making some vegetable soup which will be enjoyed as an afternoon snack. The children are very confident using the utensils correctly. 


Summer 1 Week 1


We have had a great first week back. The children have helped to clean and set up our nursery garden. We washed all the windows and have refilled our sandpit. They have enjoyed making dens, reading, cooking in the nature kitchen and much more. 


Pre-school children have been working on letter formation. In maths, they focused on using positional language to give their friend directions. We found this a bit tricky so we will be recapping it again in a few weeks. Some children also did pattern work in class. You could practise creating patterns at home with different house hold items


We are learning a new dance routine with Clair Bear which the children will perform at the leavers celebration in the Summer. There are lots of sequences to remember and they made a great start :)


For our first PE lesson we practised the skill of throwing and catching. First they practised on their own and then with a friend. We were very impressed with how many children could get dressed independently. 



Spring 2 Week 6


A great end to this half term. We have been out exploring our local environment looking for signs of Spring. We found buds growing on tress, new flowers blooming and lambs in the field. We also spoke about how we look after our environment. The children know not to throw rubbish on the floor and that we should recycle.


We have done various Easter activities including baking and making chocolate nests. Some children helped to decorate our Easter tree. Our broad beans are growing well but unfortunately the tadpoles still haven't hatched. We will hopefully get some more after the holidays.


This week we had our dance session in the classroom. The children enjoyed using the parachute and working as a team to keep the pom poms in the air. 


Thank you to the parents and carers that came to our stay and play sessions. The children do love spending time with you in the classroom and showing you what we have been up to.


We hope you all have an enjoyable and restful few weeks and we will see you on Monday 17th April. 



Spring 2 Week 5


We started our week by baking hot cross buns which were enjoyed as an afternoon snack. The children did well kneading the dough and waiting for their turn.


We have seen sun, rain and wind this week and have embraced it all. We got out in the eco garden and planted our potatoes whilst the weather was fine. Once the rain came we got suited and booted and enjoyed some puddle jumping!


In maths the pre-school children have continued to develop their understanding of estimation. They had to guess how many tadpoles would fit on the lily pads. Each day they improved and made a more sensible estimation. We have also been jumping like frogs to see who could jump the highest and the furthest. Try this at home and then measure how far they can jump. 


Our runner beans are growing fast. Next week we will be focusing on how to care for plants, animals and our environment.


Remember stay and play sessions next week:

Tuesday Zebra's 2-3pm

Thursday Elephant's 2-3pm

Friday Tiger's 9-10am 



Spring 2 Week 4


Wow! What a messy week we've had! The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their Jackson Pollock inspired artwork. We used different tools, large and small to help us create our own master pieces. The children used language such as 'dribble' 'splat' and 'flick'. They explored colour mixing and much more. 


On Wednesday we worked on our balancing skills during dance. The children were encouraged to hold different poses. Ask them to try this at home. 


We also had some fluffy visitors. The children were ever so careful and quiet when handling the chicks. We spoke about the importance of caring for God's creatures. Some children held the chicks and others just wanted to stroke or watch them. 


In maths we continued to develop our understanding of measure by drawing around our hands and feet. We then cut them out and used them to measure against various objects. We also extended this activity by asking the pre-schoolers to estimate how many cubes would fit onto their hand. We explained that estimation is making a sensible guess. You could practise this at home and ask your child to estimate how many grapes would fit in a cup etc. 


We would like to wish all our lovely Mummy's and Grandma's a happy Mother's Day for Sunday :)

Spring 2 Week 3


This week in maths the children compared size. We measured ourselves against the beanstalk and the pre-schooler's made three beanstalks of different sizes. We expect the children to be using the language of 'bigger', 'smaller',' tallest', 'shortest'.


In phonics we have been exploring initial sounds. Recognising the sound at the start of our na